Territory of Text / Version -- Getting Together and Cross of 15 parabolas
Wu Dar-Kuen 、Chen Ching-Yao 、Ku Ho-Chung 、Su Hui-Yu 、Liang Jia-Chao 、Hong Guo-Chau 、Huang Tsang-Yo 、Yang Hui-Jia 、Liao Shu-Jing 、Chiu Chao-Tsai 、Lin Zhao-An 、Wang Yu-Wen 、Lin Wei 、Maxray Lin 、Lai Chiu-Chen
2002. 05. 11 — 2002. 06. 15


Territory of Text/Version - Getting Together and Cross of 15 parabolas
Curator / Lin Zhang-Hu

On the giant parabola of art, everyone has his own place; it’s not from others but him. On the parabola belonging to yourself, you probably have reached the peak; or just started off at the beginning; or have overlooked at top of the line; or get to descend; or, not sure if you are still on the parabola. Wherever you are, it doesn’t matter; the most importance is whether the line is still held in your hand, if it is, you will re-throw a beautiful curve anytime when you get ready and don’t have to patiently wait for others to throw it for you.

The combined display is gathering a bunch of artists, who are sampled from Taiwan’s contemporary inventors, with an average age of less than 30 and specialized in respective field and material. In behalf of different parabola, the sparkle crashed from such inventors with distinct contexts must be interesting and marvelous. We expect to go through the sort of exhibition, in order to incorporate with artistic languages and stylishness conformed to the atmosphere to express current and continuous feature of contemporary art, provide a broader trial workshop for invention and art as well.

According to explanation of Ronald Barthes, “Territory of Text/Version” means: Text/Version is the training location of methodology, and there’s a mutual relation of “Text/Version vs. contrary”. Under the status of text’s meaning not being unified, in regard of inventors on the generation, it proves the questions of creation are not kind of classification like selection of intermediate material. Material or media won’t rely on or offset each other, new text/version and state will catalyze sublimation and deformation of all new/old material. The young artists in the exhibition, who own their respectively skilled profession and material, possess their own unique contexts and represent distinguishable curves. We anticipate that fling new possibilities in each scope through the show of getting together and cross of 15 parabolas and crack some amazing sparks in the lighting of their own or others.

During the exhibition, the interaction like seminar could be available for the different industries of art and press; we hope to mutually raise some suggestions or issues between the two industries then in order to reveal more clarified insight and comprehension about extension of artistic details at invention.