Chou Yo-Chen
2021. 03. 03 — 2021. 03. 27


A. Open to the public

Date: 2021.03.17-2021.03.27

◆ 2021.03.20 Opening|Artist will arrive at 3 pm ◆

Hours: Wed to Sat 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm


B. Appointment only

Date: 2021.03.03-2021.03.13

Hours:Wed to Sat 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Chou Yo- Chen

This solo exhibition features my art series [Big Fish] and [Big Fish (local)]. Treating scenery as the base and ocean as the subject, my imagination of unknown scenery finds vivid expression in these prints, through which I attempt to explore the infinite space beyond the frame, the relativity between entirety and parts, the concept of “big” along with its properties and interpretations, as well as the stimulation from virtual images and my personal experience of scenery-admiring.

I acquired my understanding of virtual scenery from that seen via media, i.e. artificial vision. I appropriated images (be they reduced, enlarged, distorted, reproduced, simplified or flattened) and employed different rules of perspective to represent nature in the scenery, the objects in nature, the textures of the objects, the spaces within the textures, and the parts of the spaces. In addition, I adopted printmaking as the medium in coordination with color overlapping and reservoir pens, aiming to add diverse layers onto the composition and demonstrate the aesthetic textures and spaces of the wrinkle method and drawing. Integrating panoramic, multi-perspective images into a large-scale print, I managed to present the multifaceted attributes of nature in a single landscape. The composition is characterized by the maximization of “fullness” and “richness,” and therefore it is out of focus. The boundary of the subject is also blurred, and the image ergo stretches into the unknown outside the frame, hence the infinite scenery beyond our limited horizons.



NT$ 3,000 (NTD / #Number)




Chou Yo-Chen, Begonia Reef, 2020, 92x89.5cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Brave Fish and Seaweed, 2019, 124x177cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Water World, 2020, 98x195cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Scattered Sea, 2020, 124x185.5cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Trees in the Sea, 2020, 134.5x182cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Whale’s Nest, 2020, 100x174.5cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Light of Sea Nest, 2020, 139x195cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Forest of Flowers, 2020, 124x124cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Mount Whale Spine, 2020, 119.5x100cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, The World of Seaweed, 2019, 124x176cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Fish Flow, 2019, 123x123.5cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Fin Hill, 2020, 100x195cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Whale Fall Coast, 2019, 144.5x172cm, plaster print



Chou Yo-Chen, Big Fish, 2020, 190x500cm, plaster print