The Opening Display -- Navigate into A New Age
Hung Ken-Shen 、Tsong Pu 、Chen Shu-Ming 、Huang Ming-Che 、Yang Shu-Huang 、Jheng Cyong-Ming 、J. C. Kuo 、Lu Ming-De 、Chen Hsing-Wan 、Chu Teh-I 、Ni Zai-Qin 、Chang Cheng Jen 、Lian De-Cheng 、Yang Mao-Lin 、Jheng Zai-Dong 、Hu Kun-Jung 、Huang Wei-Jheng 、Ava Pao-Shia Hsueh 、Su Wang-Shen 、Lee Ming-Tse 、Chen Chieh-Jen
2001. 06. 30 — 2001. 08. 26


The Opening Display -- Navigate into A New Age
Curator / Wang Fu-Tung

After 8 months’ plan and preparation, in the metropolis of Taipei, a space containing display feature and simultaneously functioning with art magazine broadcast named “Main Trend” to be officially revealed in art industry on June 30 2001, after all.

“Main Trend”, proposed by Mr. Yeh Ming-Hsun, the director of Fairmate Art Gallery, was originally an aged facility shared with some 10,677 square feet land and idled for years that was provided by Hengtong Machinery Co., Ltd., owed by the family of Ms. Tseng Li-Hsiang. After renovation, it will surface with a brand-new appearance for people fond of art composition.

Configuration of “Main Trend” was designed, executed, and built up by Mr. Huang Ming-Che, among that, its principle structure promoting contemporary art work shares about 3,559 square feet land with high-ceiling steel beam that rather suits character of what it was devised to express.

The name of “Main Trend” was entitled by Mr. Hsiung Ping-Ming, a Chinese artist based in France. On the other hand, meanwhile, “Main Trend” implicates motivation of “motional nature” and “fellow work” in which presents that “Main Trend” stands by “contemporary art” all the time.

8 months’ elaborate preparation, “Main Trend” is finally going to hold an official opening. Not only expect straightforward comment and direction from predecessor and prominent personality in the industry, we also anticipate there would come up more and more “community activity” alike in the near future; if indeed, “brilliant time” of Taiwan’s Art won’t be far, and the emotion of “plunge for rippling outward” that “Main Trend” embraces will get responded.