Spiritual Translation -- Dialogue between Psychological Science and Art
Chen Shun-Chu 、Liu Shi-Fen 、Liu Ju-Liang 、Wang Xiu-Ru 、Abugy 、Gao Xiu-Lian 、Liang Ren-Hong 、Wang Wu-Sen 、Peng Hong-Zhi 、Fang Wei-Wen 、Li Yi-Quan 、Tsong Pu 、Lu Ming-De 、Su Wang-Shen 、Lee Ming-Tse 、Shi Jin-Hua
2001. 09. 14 — 2001. 10. 21


Spiritual Translation - Dialogue between Psychological Science and Art
Curator / Zhai Xian-You, Xu Shu-Zhen

In the age of spirit and flesh both thirsting, what a state does the hearts of current humans get into? Does an artist’s spiritual condition imply the miniature model of a human mind? Since “The Interpretation of Dreams” written by Sigmund Freud published, psychoanalysis that has been constantly fermented in the world especially split into 2 fields as psychological science and art Talking its reaction in medical science, it involves analytic training and clinical therapy to unceasingly remedy and refute; in art scope, it apparently appears even a nutrient for artists to create their work.

There are 5 subtitles in the exhibition of “Spiritual Translation”:

  1. Recreation Playground: It creates the desire of “have fun” itself, recreation therapy in psychological science and the character of playing mentioned in art scope are both deemed curable treatments to liberate mind, in which it means to pursue a flesh-and-mind freedom and an unconstrained soul.

    Participating artist : Fang Wei-Wen, Li Yi-Quan, Peng Hong-Zhi


  1. Body Map: In 20 century of civilization, there already been varied thoughts and modes to see human body; accompanied with research in psychological science, we learn that body is yet capable of stockpiling mental codes released from subconscious except physical sense record. The body often conflicts with social ban to expose a real scene while getting in dash between as well.

    Participating artist: Wang Wu-Sen, Wang Xiu-Ru, Liu Ju-Liang, Liu Shi-Fen


  1. Mental Orientation: Some inventors also possess an expectation to create “order”, in which some combine with part of religion, faith and meditation that are often interpreted as a self-defense mechanism for refuge from reality, however, the others consider it with power to stabilize spirit that way it could be active and positive. From the flow of religious civilization and belief in ancient time to humanity advocated in modern- life philosophy, it has been becoming the orientation for contemporary artists to trace after.

    Participating artist: Shi Jin-Hua, Abugy, Gao Xiu-Lian, Tsong Pu


  1. Childhood Album: Plenty of artists are used to reveal recent experience on obvious expression but implicitly disclose their meet in childhood while composing their works. Such a life album consisting of physiology, psychology and memory sometimes presents a prototype of destiny that people can’t get rid of.

    Participating artist: Chen Shun-Chu, Lu Ming-De


  1. Cultural Symptom: An individual situation implicitly resembles a variable construction in community. Such the assorted causes surrounding individuals make artists to not put themselves onlookers but sensitive reactors beneath political tendency under major circumstance and dominance from social system.

    Participating artist: Lee Ming-Tse, Liang Ren-Hong, Su Wang-Shen