Dissipated Poetry and Turbid Esthetics
Hu Kun-Jung
2003. 10. 25 — 2003. 11. 29


“When the God creates the world, geometrizes it as well”

In the skeleton of abstractly geometric figures and skin texture of applied colors, erase sense of hand-painting, geometric lumps or colorful rims’ elements perform as if cells constantly split up and proliferated. Variable lumps float and move everywhere; unceasingly change their shapes as well. Hu Kun-Jung’s works highlight spiritual meaning of anti-structure / system in the same constructive system.

In the exhibition, most of the displays are the artist’s new works that manifest Hu Kun-Jung approaching a new level in the longtime pursuit and search to geometric abstract. Apparently found in the works that his productions comprise both severe meanings and spiritual exploration; only a deep-going observation could figure out that the reasonable but emotional, strict but liberal, plane but multilayer expression in his paintings. In the confined space, the artist illustrates the particularly dual nature of geometric abstract by riotous aspect: one is a simply, aggressively, and straight plane drawing; the other is a mysteriously, abstrusely, sensitively, ideally, and consciously spiritual space.

Taking advantage of straight line and square, Hu Kun-Jung strictly presents the truth of unceasingly search in mind in the way of relying on the actuality of math.