“Rush→Remedy→Trim” -- New Wave of Taiwan’s Art
Lin Hsin-I 、Chou Chih-Chi 、Lin Chun-Ru 、Qin Zheng De 、Moda Chick 、Lu Jing-Yuan 、Wu Dar-Kuen 、Wang Xiu Mei 、Up-skin Texture 、Kristy Cha-Ray Chu 、Chen Wen-Chi 、Chen Ying-Yan 、Liu Shi-Fen 、Chen Chun-Hao 、Hsieh Ta-Li 、Huang Ming-Che 、Liu Shih-Tung
2003. 12. 06 — 2004. 01. 10


“Rush→Remedy→Trim” - New Wave of Taiwan’s Art
Curator / Victoria Yung-Chih Lu, Yao Jui-Chung

Main Trend Art Gallery holds “Rush→Remedy→Trim”- the New Wave of Taiwan’s Art, invites seniors and juniors in art creation in the concept of combining culture and industry to try to break up the border between general merchandise and art article and explore the possibility of collaboration of art creation and industry. “Rush→Remedy→Trim” means “Emergency Room” (in Mandarin) and equally “Emergent Case”, integrates predecessors with newcomers in Taiwan’s art industry through urgent mobilization to call up a new unification of cultural art and industry for responsibly rescue Taiwan’s art industry.

The exhibition will be built up in a living scene of art: an artistic circumstance-making place with interlacing time and space. In this location, we play, eat, dress up and have our living within; have day dreams and cultivate our future world as well.

Life is a game. The “game” has been never ended up from the new-born to the dying elder. Chen Chun-Hao’s [Aerial Baby] transforms the old vocabulary of thumbtack to a new material of doll; “device” is a noun of art and also a new verb of game. The doll could be a new subject for art creation; Kristy Cha-Ray Chu’s dolls recklessly occupy spaces for playing a family game. Pet doll can be the best companion to people that accompanies its host no matter what he (she) feels; Chou Chih-Chi’s [A hairy rabbit will occur when you are happy] enlarges a profound topic regarding the dolls under the circumstance of their playing in exaggeration. 

Consumption is a behavior of culture and fashion is a latest vocabulary of art. Seeing means the start of fashion; Hsieh Ta-Li lifts up a new lighthouse for brightening the tendency to vogue. Chen Ying-Yan’s [Garment-Attachment] modernizes the fashion with lover’s communication. When the creator [murmurs], we believe the new things will happen soon; Up-skin Texture imitates infection of fashion culture to build up a beautiful world of vogue. Lin Chun-Ru transfers the meaning of [Portrait] to that clothes become fantastic ravings of art and source of life. The upcoming generation announces a new boundary of fashion war; Lu Jing-Yuan’s [Dramatic Geometry] embraces new fashion generation with open arms. Even a hacker needs make-up; Moda Chick’s [The dress in future] presents hacker’s world in future just right before your eyes. In the era of visual influence and fetishistic addiction, Huang Ming-Che frees to brag colors above the disk that grabs a new philosophy of sense for vogue.

Disordered day dreams make people have a place to take breathes; Liu Shih-Tung’s little squirrels play hide game with carvings of small creatures around Main Trend there day dreams begin to spread out. Peek is a desirable fountain of delusion; Chen Wen-Chi satisfies human imagination on fabrication through a photo device [Beautiful Death]. Fairytale kind of woodcarvings like [The Queen’s New Dress] and [Taipei Little Red Cap] resemble a miniature of the city with struggling deception.

Digitization is a new constructive material to build the world and science is the Creator in the present; unlimitedly duplicate and reform new life under the high-speed running of CPU made of silicon chips. Wu Dar-Kuen’s [The Series of Holy Land] acclaims in the way of digital image for the Eden constructed by 0 and 1.

Liu Shi-Fen contents people’s desire to look inward through modern tech of medical science; relying on the work [The One] describing MRI to heart and brain, technology turns to be a new appliance of art identifying life-saving. When two spirals were found, the dignity of life remained only a code consisting of 4 letters as TGAC; the God’s shackles even fail to guard the final door, [Cloning Eva] forecasts a new myth of Christ’s arrival; Lin Hsin-I trifles the game of life creation as if she was the goddess, the art declares the birth of the new Creator within the output of data.