Lai Chiu-Chen(1970-)
Five Ways of Praying
NT$ 720,000
2019 Spring
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Lai Chiu-Chen(1970-)

Five Ways of Praying



Acrylic on canvas

賴九岑 2005 (signed on the reverse)
Lai Chiu-Chen 2006: Main Trend Gallery, 2006, p36-37
Reference Price
NT$ 720,000
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About Work

“Let our eyes roam around and glance aimlessly, making them leap from or alight upon the appearances of virtual or real things, so that we can savor each step of our lives.” — Lai Chiu-Chen

By means of consumption, simulation and appropriation, Lai Chiu-Chen detached quotidian images from their original contexts and turned them into abstract patterns or figurative symbols through depicting part of them, thereby getting them in a concurrently irrelevant yet continual state.

Toy components have come up frequently as the subject of Lai’s works since 2000. His art series “Five Ways of Praying” was completed in 2005. Instead of deconstructing toys to derive cryptic meanings as he previously did, the artist converted to observing toys’ front appearances. Nevertheless, he followed his consistent approach of showing the parts and removing the backgrounds, trying to erase as many immediately recognizable features as possible, thus enabling these images to be every viewer’s (or everyone’s) toys, make brand new references, and bring freshness to their meanings.

“Five Ways of Praying” consists of five brilliant pieces, namely [The Fly Brothers], [The Stars and Moon Twinkling in the Eyes], [The Suspension Bridge Which A Fat Guy Just Walked Through], [I Thought of the Langlois Bridge at Arles] and [Ambiguity in the Pocket]. As for the outcome of such juxtaposition of the five pieces, the artist left that to the viewers’ imagination and interpretation.

About Artist

Lai Chiu-Chen
Lai Chiu-Chen
M.A., Taipei National University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
B.A., National Institute of Arts (Now renamed Taipei National University of the Arts), Taipei, Taiwan
Born in Taiwan
Good Morning, Mr. Click, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Brick, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Residue & Extraction, Home Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Parts of Toys, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Solo Exhibition of Graduation, North-South Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Archives of Separately Packed Bio-material, Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Scenery Inside Skull, Charming Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Colonialism in Body, Charming Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Death, a Mode of Existence, Galerie Crimson, Taipei, Taiwan

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