Yang Chi-Hung(1947-)
Life Series
NT$ 360,000
2019 Spring
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Yang Chi-Hung(1947-)

Life Series



Oil on canvas

C. Yang 92 (signed on the front) / Chihung Yang 1992 (signed on the reverse)
Reference Price
NT$ 360,000
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About Work

Born in Taiwan in 1947, Yang Chi-Hung graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Academy of Arts in 1968 and moved to the United States in 1979.

Frederick Ted Castle described Yang’s early works as “hybridism,” for they exhibited an eclectic mix of different things such as two different races, languages or plant varieties. The purest hybridism thus found expression in Yang’s early works that were neither abstract nor representational but the reconciliation of both.

Yang’s works created in the early 1990s tended to feature a single plant. He chose the plants appearing frequently in traditional Chinese literati paintings as the subjects, and highlighted them against the background of Western chiaroscuro, ergo rendering his works exotic to Westerners’ eye but gracefully subtle and mysterious to Easterners’.

About Artist

Yang Chi-Hung
Moved to the United States
B.A., Department of Fine Arts, National Academy of Arts (later renamed National Taiwan University of Arts), Taipei, Taiwan
Born in Taiwan

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