Christopher Cheung(1945-)
NT$ 225,000
2019 Spring
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Christopher Cheung(1945-)




Oil on linen

CHRISTOPHER -HARMON CHEUNG 1986 (signed on the reverse)
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NT$ 225,000
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About Work

Born in Hong Kong, Christopher Cheung left for Paris in 1970 and thenceforth settled down there.

Cheung’s oeuvre reflects his great mastery of a realistic style as profound as meticulous. In the composition the vivid, clear and exquisite components beckon, inviting further exploration and interpretation of their connotations. The artist’s cogitation on history and culture, discussion about his life and everything, as well as epiphanies from quotidian existence, manifest themselves in the scenarios he elaborately choreographed.

The body of Cheung’s works can be roughly classified into the “Still-life Series” and the “Figure Painting Series.” He tends to turn elements of Chinese culture into the subject matters of his works. Items strongly emblematic of Chinese culture (e.g. Chinese chess, chinaware, Shaolin Temple 18 Bronzers, and tortoiseshell) have come up frequently in his painting compositions. This approach might be resulted from his personal remembrances of his native culture after living abroad for years, or his attempt to mirror his real-life stories.

Granting his paintings the luxury of verisimilitude, Cheung further gives them an aura of succinctness. Emotionally charged notwithstanding, the figures and objects in his oeuvre are presented in a way as if they stand aloof from the mundane world. Such a succinct expression registers not so much the artist’s clear thoughts as his complete perplexity and estrangement, with which he lodges reflexive questions to his life and inner-self.

[Fish] is a piece of the still-life paining series by Christopher Cheung. Several pieces of his works share the title [Fish]. They commonly feature a fish out of water in the composition, be it placed in a bowl or on a mirror, or cut into halves. The fish’s scales, fins, gills, and eyes are meticulously portrayed, so as to lend verisimilitude to the dead fish out of water that attracts the viewers’ attention.

Does this fish, as a victim of circumstances, alludes to the situation of humanity?

About Artist

Christopher Cheung
Christopher Cheung
Resident in Paris
Studied at Ling Hai Art School, Hong Kong
Born in Hong Kong
Dress Rehearsal, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Journey, Moon Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
New Era Play, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
Mixture of Reality & Enigma, Fairmate Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Chess Play, Trigram, Hong Kong
The Transient and The Returning, Trigram, Hong Kong
Christopher Cheung 1986, Galerie Caroline Corre, Paris, France
Christopher Cheung 1984, Galerie Gering-Kulenkampff, Frankfort, Germany
Christopher Cheung 1983, Galerie Caroline Corre, Paris, France

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