The m Space is Main Trend Gallery's contemporary art project highlighting important periods and series of contemporary Taiwanese and Chinese artists. It introduces the artists' life backgrounds, expressive techniques, and creative contexts through textual exposition, exhibition materials, and artwork selection. In addition to presenting the artists' rich and successful artistic achievements over the years, it also aims to reveal the development process and mutual influence between the artists and contemporary art history.


The m Space is dedicated to promoting contemporary Taiwanese and Chinese art, hoping that viewers can gain a deeper understanding, appreciation, and experience of the rich expressions and profound meanings of contemporary art.


The m Space has launched seven artists in sequence: Hsiung Ping-Ming (1922-2002), Chan Kin Chung (1939-), Christopher Cheung (1945-), Tsong Pu (1947-), J. C. Kuo (1949-), Wu Tien-Chang (1956-), and Chen Chieh-Jen (1960-).