The m Space is established for online display and retail. It collects and collates the artists’ creative philosophies as well as the contexts and details of their works, allowing prospective collectors to purchase them without doubting the authenticity of their origins. We expect the m Space presented in a professional and rigorous fashion to help the browsers navigate through the artists’ creative ideas and their works.


The m Series offers comprehensive accounts of the works.
The m Works describes the procedure for purchasing the works.


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■Price and Discount

  1. The works for sale at the m Space are priced by reference to the prices of the other works that the artist created in the same period.
  2. The works for sale at the m Space are priced in NTD and at a 10% discount.


■Procedure for Purchase

The works for sale at the m Space will be sold as bricks-and-mortar products at the Main Trend Gallery. Please book a reservation by clicking on “m Work Reservation” on the page that shows the work you would like to purchase. The reservation is limited to one work at a time. After accepting your reservation, we will arrange the schedule for you to view the original work at the gallery as soon as possible.


■Contact Us

You may send us a message by clicking on “Contact Us,” or visit the Main Trend Gallery in person.

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