J. C. Kuo(1949-)
St. Taiwan -- Tattoo
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J. C. Kuo(1949-)

St. Taiwan -- Tattoo



Mixed media

郭振昌 97' J. C. Kuo (signed on the front)
Totem and Taboo: Solo Exhibition by J. C. KUO: Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2008, p128
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About Work

J. C. Kuo’s art series “St. Taiwan” visualizes his observation and discussion on sundry issues arising from Taiwanese society, his place of residence. Considering different dimensions such as religion, politics, media and education, Kuo leveled his criticism over many phenomena endemic in Taiwan through his oeuvre.

In [St. Taiwan — Tattoo], the figure’s penetrating gaze conveys an impression that he has a keen insight into matters. Sitting leisurely and relaxed, he seems to know exactly which course to take, although his face is obscured. Kuo deliberately covered part of the figure’s face with a printed fabric mask, creating an atmosphere that he is in an advantageous situation where the enemies’ activities are overt whereas his are covert. The artist believes that some politicians are averse to exposure, while others may don different disguises on different occasions, which was why he invoked the metaphor of traditional printed fabric to imply the mindset of self-protection.

An insignia encircled by a golden halo is embedded behind the figure’s head, bringing a sense of accolade and inviolable sacredness. We may wonder whether it is a genuine appreciation or an insinuating irony, and whether the artist expressed something in the deepest recesses of his mind without the slightest reservation by means of his blunt, explicit criticism.

About Artist

J. C. Kuo
J. C. Kuo
B.A., Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan
Studied at the Lee Chun-Shan Studio
Born in Lukang, Taiwan
Submersed Motion and Shadows, Galerie ELEGANCE, Taipei, Taiwan
Totem and Taboo 2008, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Am I a Beauty? I am a Beauty!, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
18 LOHANS, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
HAPPENSTANCE, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Totem and Taboo, Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan
St. TAIWAN 1996~2000, Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
ABOUT FACES, Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
St. TAIWAN - J.C.Kuo's A Hundred Days Diary, Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan
St. TAIWAN, Galerie ELEGANCE, Taipei, Taiwan
J. C. Kuo: '87~'97 Chronology, Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan
J. C. Kuo's '95~'96 Chronicles, Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
J. C. Kuo's Picturing Taiwan 1995, Galerie ELEGANCE, Taipei, Taiwan
Mixed Impression, Up Art Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Icons and Images of Taiwan, Galerie ELEGANCE, Taipei, Taiwan
The Phenomena of the Mythical Age, Lung Men Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
The Phenomena of the Mythical Age, Contemporary Art Center, Taichung, Taiwan
The Phenomena of the Mythical Age, Up Art Gallery, Taipei / Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Sensational Black Line - Modern Chinese Plastic Art, Crown Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan Sensational Black Line - Modern Chinese Plastic Art, Contemporary Art Center, Taichung, Taiwan
Modernization - Modern Painting, Crown Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

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